About Me, a brief CV ...

Personal Specs

Name;  Lyndon John Farnham

Age; 50

Place of Birth; St Helier, Jersey

Family Status; Married to Anne-Marie, two children, Alex (24) and Philippa (22)

Education;  St George’s Preparatory, Les Quennevais and Hautlieu. College for the Distributive Trades (London), Harrods – Retail Trainee (1982 – 1984).

Occupation; States Member and Company Director.

Current Political Office; Senator, States of Jersey – elected 19th October 2011, sworn to office 14th November 2011.

Current Ministerial Office; Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport & Culture.

Previous Political Experience; Assistant Minister, Home Affairs Department (2011 – 2014). Deputy, States of Jersey (St Saviour number 2 district) 1999 – 2005. During this period I held the following positions; President – Gambling Control Committee. Vice President – Economic Development Committee, Vice President – Harbours & Airport Committee, Chairman – Jersey Tourism Board, Chairman – Tourism Development Fund, Chairman – Jersey Conference Bureau, Chairman – Emerging Industries Board. I also served on a number of other Committees, Boards and Trusts.

Other Positions Held; Member: President – Jersey Hospitality Association (2011 – 2014), Member – Bailiff’s Consultative Panel (current), Member – Justice Advisory Panel (current), Member – Tourism Marketing Panel (current), Honorary Life Member – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (current), President – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (2000-2002), Chairman – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (1997 – 2000), Committee Member – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (1988 – 1997)

Hobbies and Interests; Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Reading, History, Music (percussion) and Politics

Clubs and Organisations; Jersey Heritage Trust, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Jersey Spartan Athletic Club (JSAC), Caesarean Cycling Club (CCC), Jersey Triathlon Club (JTC) The Alliance Club, The United Club


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