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20 Responses to Referendum Survey

  1. Suzanne says:

    Removing the Constables from the States will give them more time to devote to their parishes and parishioners. At the moment they are split between parochial and island issues. Having States members handling island wide affairs and Constables parochial ones is surely the way forward. The workload for Constables of larger parishes is too much – ask Simon Crowcroft. He supports Option A. Any Constable can stand a deputy in their area if they so wish anyhow.

  2. Soothsayer says:

    Vote for Option A and we’ll soon all be living in The People’s Democratic Republic of Pitmania, which will be neither democratic nor for the people.

  3. Tess says:

    None of the above

  4. Paul Scally says:

    Has to be option C. His was meant to be a referendum on how we were governed. This is a badly disguised attempt to totally destroy the Parish system.

  5. Rob says:

    Think before you vote. Lose the Parichal system and it will cost use..

  6. Jennifer Bridge says:

    I choose A – the people can still return a full slate of Connétables if that is their democratic wish.

    A is the only option that rids the island of the centuries old bias against the town and in favour of the country.

  7. Tony Pike says:

    Change has got to happen because the States has to evolve or literally die of Voter Apathy. I have had a front seat on all of this over the past 25 years, to my mind we need Option A if we are going to go forward for the next generation. Staying as we are now as in C is simply not an option, and system B simply does not go far enough.
    I want the Constables to be concentrating their efforts on the Parish which is still think is vital for the islands community, otherwise they simply have got to much on their plate, I don’t think they can be a states member these days and run the parish to the best of their abilities.
    Let the deputies do the political work, that is what I expect them to do.

  8. Sidi says:

    Option A is the most democratic solution so that’s the one for me.

  9. Graeme Butcher says:

    If my memory serves me correctly the idea of electoral reform was to try and get more of the population out to vote, this whole process seems to have been hijacked by deputies.
    Anything other than option C will be the slow death of the parochial system and we do that at our peril.
    The most obvious thing to try first, is to move the elections to late May and have them on a Sunday,

    Try that First

    • Hugh says:

      Guernsey changed their system to districts and achieved 70 percent turnout last year, removing 22 of the 45 deputies including the Chief Minister. That is democracy! Once the electorate know their vote can make a difference they will cast it.

  10. roger benest says:

    Has to be “A” unelected Conetable, powerless ordinary members, Scrutiny with no legal advice, disproportionate voting, leading to manipulation etc.

  11. Jane says:

    There was no referendum when the States cut the Senators from 12 to 8. Now States members are saying that the work load is vast.
    Jersey has changed so much over the years and not in my opinion for the better! We have a unique government and police system don’t fix what ain’t broke. Option C is the only way to keep our Island and Parishes intact!

    • Hugh says:

      I work in the honorary system and it is at risk. I believe that the only way to secure the future of and strengthen the parish system is to adopt option A and return the Constables to the parishes in an honorary role.

  12. Gael says:

    “constables are needed if nothing else but to keep the deputies in order”.

    Well there’s democracy for you!!!

  13. Got to be A! Even C doesn’t give us our 12 Senators back, but A gives each of us as much say in who is elected as we had before they stared cutting them.

  14. Jonno says:

    I have selected B, I am not going into anymore debates as to why I think Option A is a waste of time but like I said elsewhere I think with voter apathy, we will get C in the end.

    • Hugh says:

      Problem is B is the least equal of the three options and makes the States subject to the will of the constables, effectively, with 12 constables in a House of 42 members. Worse than what we have already. A provides the solution to providing equality and fairness for everybody, with 7 people to vote for and every vote counting, and a States with no “walk-ins”.

  15. JaniceEden says:

    Democracy is the buzz word for this referendum not constables out! Vote Option A

  16. Reg Langlois says:

    Choose ‘A’ and you will be getting the constables out, leaving more room for deputies, the constables are needed if nothing else but to keep the deputies in order and fully represent their parishioners.

    Option ‘C’ no change, but it’s the only alternative to “B”

    • Hugh says:

      So you are happy to have a parliament where 11 members never received a vote and with huge discrepancies in the mandates of the others? Is that right for the future of our island and the youngsters who will inherit it? Or is that just a cop-out?

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