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On September 16, 2011, in General, by Lyndon-Farnham

It is simply not possible to participate in all of the public forums and blogs so I have set up this Blog spot for you all to contact me directly with any questions, issues or concerns, on any subject related to the forthcoming Senatorial elections.  All I ask is no pseudonyms or aliases please …

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  1. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Apologies, that should read sectoral tax (2nd para’) .. Thanks again for the questions.

  2. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Thank you for your questions.

    1) Immigration – I believe immigration should be more tightly controlled. We will always need to import certain types of labour and skills but the entry criteria could be more aligned to job availability. We should apply criminal record checks to potential entrants and ensure an appropriate policy is applied. I would not advocate the granting of permission to enter the Island to a potential immigrant in possession of a serious criminal record.

    2) Jersey’s Tax Structure – This is a complex matter and I could not deal with it all in this forum. The Zero Ten solution was necessary to retain the finance industry and the EU have just approved the principle (less deemed distribution). In the medium to long term I believe Zero Ten must be refined to ensure a fairer way. For example, could a form of business sectorial tax be applied in Jersey but not to companies registered in Jersey and trading elsewhere? I believe these types of taxes are EU compliant and, if applied appropriately, may not adversely affect our finance industry.

    3) The Public Sector – I would like to see a complete re structure of our Public Sector and Civil Service but, I would not necessarily like to see a reduction in the number of States or Public Sector employees. I believe the vast majority of public sector workers are professional, dedicated and hardworking people. Any reorganisation should start at the top and work down. I believe it may be possible to reduce the numbers of Senior Civil Servants and create more meaningful and necessary jobs at the middle and lower end to improve services and still save money. This would also assist in reducing the number of people currently out of work.

    4) Why should the electorate vote for me? – I believe that here is a widespread view in the Island that the States are not performing effectively and that some politicians are motivated more by self interest than the interests of the Island as a whole and that some do not have the knowledge, experience or expertise to be able to do the job.

    I have valuable States experience and knowledge having served as a Deputy from 1999 – 2005 during which time I held many key positions. I have also developed valuable business experience and expertise, over many years, having been a partner and a director of a large, diverse and successful group of companies.

    I was born in Jersey and I have raised a family in Jersey. I understand Jersey and the people of Jersey.

    I work hard and I am reliable.

    My politics are inclusive and I enjoy working with people. I believe I have the skills and knowledge to build consensus and deliver a clear line of thought on many important and varied issues that will benefit the island and contribute to a more productive and credible States Assembly.

  3. Lilly says:

    Seeing as your latest blog posting has received zero comments perhaps you’d like to go back to the previous posting and answer the polite questions that where put to you by a genuine and hardworking member of the community keen to know your views?

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Thank you for your post, and apologies for the delay in responding – The questions asked are indeed sensible and reasonable and I will answer them in the very near future. Please bear with me for a day or two – many thanks ..

      Good Morning Mr Farnham,

      As I was out and about yesterday and noticed you and a companion putting up placards advertising yourself as a candidate for the seat of Senator.

      Four other candidates for the position of Senator have openly written on here, so may I also ask you the following questions.

      What are your views on Immigration, Jersey’s tax structure, the finance industry, are you happy with the public sector ie the administration and services supplied to the islanders, and sorry to be a pain but why should we vote for you compared to the other new candidates ?



    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Have posted reply (above)

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