Labour Market Statistics

In June 2016:

  • total employment was 60,320 (annual increase of 1,260)
  • private sector employment was 52,480 (annual increase of 1,600)
  • public sector employment was 7,840 (annual decrease of 350)
  • annual increase in private sector employment was driven by rises in full-time (+740) and zero-hours (+690) employees
  • annual decreases in public sector was driven by decreases in States of Jersey core employees and staff on zero-hours contracts
  • 7,040 jobs (12%) were zero-hours contracts (across the private and public sector)

Employment by sector

In June 2016:

  • almost a quarter (22%) of all employees were employed in the finance sector (13,020)
  • private sector education, health and other services (7,780), wholesale and retail (7,750) and the public sector (overall; excluding the former States Trading Committees) each accounted for around one in eight (13%) of total employment

Download Labour market report June 2016 (size 384kb)

Jersey Labour Market 2016

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