Why the Faroe Islands Dolphin Hunt Must Stop

On October 28, 2021, in General, The Environment, by Lyndon-Farnham

On September 12, the waters surrounding the Faroe Islands ran blood-red with the cruel slaughter of at least 1,428 white-sided dolphins. More than one month later, the beaches of these Danish islands no longer lap with such gore, but the world will not soon forget the graphic images of this hunt’.


Many Faroese residents are in favor of banning these hunts. Ingi Sørensen, a Faroese author, diver, and underwater photographer, shared his thoughts on the recent event:


I am having a difficult time finding the right words to describe the pain and helplessness that I’m going through after the primitive, coldhearted, and completely unacceptable massacre of more than 1,400 dolphins in the Faroe Islands on September 12, 2021. Many other Faroe Islanders share my sentiments. At this point, the slaughter is no longer a cultural tradition. It has become a blood sport, plain and simple”.


Read the full story here:  https://only.one/read/dolphin-hunt


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