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On February 14, 2021, in Health, Our Hospital, by Lyndon-Farnham

The States have so far deliberated for over eight years and spent considerable sums of money and failed at all previous attempts to deliver a new hospital but at last we are making progress. The timeline and momentum, which is now driving the project, is determined by our ageing and decaying health estate, and the unsustainable cost of maintaining it beyond 2026.

Our new hospital will ensure that healthcare and wellbeing for Islanders is maximised and support positive social, health and economic outcomes that will benefit Islanders for generations to come.

Our new hospital will attract and retain the best clinical staff and ensure the best possible quality of care is provided.

The new hospital will be able to accommodate the aspirations of the new, and future, Jersey Care Models.

The current pandemic has highlighted the need for a new hospital, now more than ever.

This is why there can be no further delay.

Can I get more information about the Our Hospital Project? 

Yes, by visiting www.ourhospital.je, the source of factual and up-to-date information on the project. If you have questions and feedback, please email us at: community@ourhospital.je.

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