I will not be supporting the proposition (P3/2016) of the Constable of St Helier at this stage as I would like all of the shortlisted sites to be subject to full public consultation and scrutiny.
Please do not misinterpret my position as being in favour of the People’s Park.  I would like to make it clear that the People’s Park is not my favoured choice. I do not have a favoured choice at present.
I will be following the process very closely, and with an open mind, over the weeks and months ahead and will vote accordingly when the whole States Assembly are eventually asked to make the final decision.
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2 Responses to People’s Park: removal from list of sites under consideration for future new hospital (P.3/2016)

  1. Colin Ireson says:

    It does seem incongrouos that the States has rejected St. Saviour’s Hospital site at such an early stage. I cannot accept the position that it HAS to be a town site. We don;t have the luxury of “free” suburban areas as would often be the case in UK. The Waterfront needs to be pushed fruther up the list in Members’ minds – parking, bus routes, road infrastructure etc. would all be easier to construct than St. Saviour’s Hospital site, so this is my preferred option. But, as Terry says, it’s a ‘dreadful situation….’! We voted these Members in, those of us who bothered to vote; to those who didn’t vote, you really need to ask yourselves now if your conscience is clear!

  2. Terry Butler says:

    The states have no right to take People Park from this island, politicians will never be forgiven if they move ahead and ignore the people. This is what everyone is expecting, what a dreadful situation where no body trusts the people that are supposed to represent them. Peoples Park should never have been on the list in the first place.

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