Election for Senators 2018

The Hustings

2018 Dates:

Mon 16 April Senators RJA&HS, Trinity 7.30pm
Tue 17 April Senators St Clement Parish Hall 7.30pm
Thu 19 April Senators St Saviour Parish Hall 7.30pm
Fri 20 April Senators St Brelade Communicare 7.30pm
Mon 23 April Senators St Peter Youth and Community Centre 7.30pm
Wed 25 April Senators St Lawrence Parish Hall 7.30pm
Thu 26 April Senators St Martin Public Hall 7.30pm
Tue 1 May Senators St Mary Community Centre 7.30pm
Wed 2 May Senators Trinity Parish Hall 7.30pm
Thu 3 May Senators St Ouen Parish Hall 7.30pm
Tue 8 May Senators St John Parish Hall 7.30pm
Thu 10 May Senators Grouville Parish Hall 7.30pm
Fri 11 May Senators Youth Hustings, St James Centre 5-7pm
Mon 14 May Senators St Helier Methodist Centre 7.30pm


Video footage of all hustings is available here: Hustings Videos 2018


2014 Dates:

Monday               22nd September 2014   Grouville Parish Hall – 7:30pm. View

Tuesday               23rd September 2014    St Clement Parish Hall – 7:30pm View

Wednesday         24th September 2014    St Peter (Community Centre) – 7:30pm View

Friday                  26th September 2014    St John Parish Hall – 7:30pm View


Monday               29th September 2011   St Martin Public Hall – 7:30pm View

Wednesday         1st October 2011            St Lawrence Parish Hall – 7:30pm View

Thursday             2nd October 2014         St Saviour Parish Hall – 7:30pm View

Friday                  3rd October 2014          St Mary Community Centre – 7:30pm View


Monday               6th October 2014          TBC Countryside Hustings (RJA&HS) – 7:30pm N/A     

Tuesday               7th October  2014         St Ouen Parish Hall – 7:30pm View

Wednesday         8th October 2014          Trinity Parish Hall – 7:30pm View

Friday                  10th October 2014         St Brelade (Communicare Centre) – 7:30pm View


Monday               13th October 2014         St Helier Wesley Grove – 7:30pm View

Wednesday          15th October 2014       Elections, Polling stations open 8am – 8pm

Lyndon’s election HQ for friends and supporters is located at the Royal Yacht Hotel (first floor) from 8pm.

Notes – new format for questions

  • Candidates will have 3 minutes to make a speech
  • A new format for questions will be trialed in an attempt to allow more questions to be asked.
  • The chair will take three questions at a time from the audience with priority given to Parishioners
  • Candidates will have 1.5 minutes to reply to the three questions
  • The process will be repeated
  • Meetings are expected to end no later than 9:45pm

The Candidates:

  1. Sir Philip Bailhache
  2. Zoe Cameron
  3. Guy de Faye
  4. Sean Dooley-Power
  5. Lyndon Farnham
  6. Malcolm Ferey
  7. Sarah Ferguson
  8. Ian Gorst
  9. Andrew Green
  10. Geoff Habin
  11. Konrad Kruszynski
  12. Alan Maclean
  13. Chris Magee
  14. Philip Ozouf
  15. David Richardson
  16. Paul Routier
  17. Anne Southern
  18. John YoungPonrad



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