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  1. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Mark, thanks for your comment, completely agree – any new model needs to ensure the correct level of benefits to support the livelihoods of local fishers.

  2. Mark says:

    Terrible survey, very limited questions that don’t show the full picture of how Islanders may view the marine parks. Are you applying the Lyme bay model or going much further than that? This proposal will effect the livelihoods of local fisherman, you need to start with regulating the larger French boats that are causing damage, instead you seem to be restricting local smaller boat fisherman further who are already struggling to make a living. Not to mention adding in restrictions to local pleasure anglers by creating no take zones and stopping catch and release fishing. Angling is one of Jersey’s biggest participated past times with around 5,000 fishers. It would be akin to closing Le Moye course! Catch and release angling should continue in all areas. If you are comparing to Lyme bay then please allow the fisherman the same benefits Lyme bay has!! It is not a no take zone by any means let’s be clear.

  3. Hugues Gros says:

    Dear Lyndon, thank you very much for your prompt action. We appreciate !
    Kind regards
    Hugues Gros

  4. Gros says:

    Dear Sir, This ship shown on your blog is no more in the fleet operated by Manche Iles Express. The Department de la Manche (Manche Council) refused the M/V Tocqueville few years ago now. It would be worthwhile to replace this picture and show M/V Victor Hugo or M/ Granville.
    Many thanks in advance for your attention to my comment.
    Kind regards,
    Hugues Gros
    Manche Iles Express

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Dear Hugues, Thank you very much for passing this on. The picture has been changed accordingly. Best wishes from Jersey.

  5. Colin Ireson says:

    It does seem incongrouos that the States has rejected St. Saviour’s Hospital site at such an early stage. I cannot accept the position that it HAS to be a town site. We don;t have the luxury of “free” suburban areas as would often be the case in UK. The Waterfront needs to be pushed fruther up the list in Members’ minds – parking, bus routes, road infrastructure etc. would all be easier to construct than St. Saviour’s Hospital site, so this is my preferred option. But, as Terry says, it’s a ‘dreadful situation….’! We voted these Members in, those of us who bothered to vote; to those who didn’t vote, you really need to ask yourselves now if your conscience is clear!

  6. Terry Butler says:

    The states have no right to take People Park from this island, politicians will never be forgiven if they move ahead and ignore the people. This is what everyone is expecting, what a dreadful situation where no body trusts the people that are supposed to represent them. Peoples Park should never have been on the list in the first place.

  7. David Beuzeval says:

    Well done.

  8. Paul says:

    Lyndon you’re totally correct not to jepodize the Air Display and give them the funding under the control of jersey ports .while I think the Air Display is a amazing event I know think it’s time it’s run by professionals like jersey ports using the volunteers who have made it work for many years .this could become so much bigger with people working on it full time .i must say I’m disappointed that the TDF committee needed to put all this in the public domain without consultation with you or if still unhappy the chief minister .people are to quick to say the negatives to the press not the positive s

  9. Alison Moullin says:

    Whilst I appreciate you are looking at the SOJ and Condor agreement, rumours are abound that Condor is putting the Liberation in dry dock next week for essential works. If this happens with the Clipper still in dry dock we will have no service what so ever. Whilst I note in the Guernsey Press that Condor state they cannot have a vessel on standby, and I appreciate the costs etc involved, they could have contracted with a number of companies such as brittany ferries who have vessel which is currently being wintered in Dunkirk (sister ship of the vitesse) which I am sure they could have leased in the interim period. If this was not available then I am sure there are others which if I look hard enough could have been chartered. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise the reputational risks to both islands as well as the loss of tourism. Each and every time Condor goes out of action, apart from the weather there appears to be an excuse as to why its not their fault. Due to these excuses this means that people cannot claim for the time delays….this in itself needs looking at. The last excuse was due to passengers at Poole, that she sailed halve empty, leaving loads of people behind….but when you read between the lines, it was in fact that she had run out of time due to Jersey tidal restrictions. Had she not been running late / delayed due to technical problems in the first place there would be no issues. But because they have declared the delay is due to events out of their control rather than technical, people are struggling to seek compensation. What will their next excuse be… watch this space

  10. Steve Hobbs says:

    As i’m sure you’ve read the contract between SOJ and Condor, how can you say are they in breach of contract, when they said if they replaced one boat for two, it would sail in rougher weather and it would be faster. Well it can’t sail in rougher weather and it’s not faster than the old boats. The whole history of this boat and condor buying it stinks. If you read some of the more knowledgeable posts on
    You’ll have all the answers. Myself personally have used Condor for the last 7 years for motorsport purposes and have had a lot of bother whether substantial price increases when the company was up for sale 3 years ago to cancellations. I have been on the new boat 3 times so far and every crossing was a pleasant crossing apart from the strange swaying and that was in calm weather, In conclusion the boat is not the correct vessel for our waters, we need a conventional ferry service that goes in all weathers not just when it’s calm

  11. Mark Daniel says:

    Just returned on the liberation this evening would it be possible to catch up for a chat so I can tell you about my experience I’ve had since Tuesday last and what I think of the ship as I am a local charter skipper and delivery skipper please email me for my mobile number if you would like to catch up I’m off work tomorrow if that helps.

    Reds Mark Daniel

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Mark, yes certainly but as States are sitting tomorrow and possibly Wednesday I may not be able to catch up with you until Thursday or Friday. My contact numbers are 485107 and 07797 714222. KR, Lyndon.

  12. Mike Etienne says:

    I hope this is not the usual ‘Blah Blah’ that we have come to expect from our elected representatives. We all know that Condor offer a sub standard service for over inflated prices. I have had e-mail exchanges with Condor to this effect and their answers are, at best, completely unsatisfactory. Why do you, Sir, allow a monopoly in such an important area. And why do you not have the courtesy to at least acknowledge correspondence addressed to you in this respect. I sincerely hope that your words will result in a new strategy of service provider to satisfy the needs of the Channel Island residents who Condor ostensibly serve.


    Mike Etienne

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Mike, I’m sorry that your are cynical but understand given the circumstances. By the way, I always try to reply to correspondence. If I missed one then I apologise. You did copy me in on an email to Condor (and several others including the media) in June of this year in relation to an increase in fares for motorcycles. Did you receive a response from Condor?

  13. David Beuzeval says:

    Well done.

  14. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Absolutely delighted that Keith Beecham will be joining Visit Jersey – Keith has a long and successful history promoting Tourism and we are all looking forwrad to welcoming him to the island in the New Year.

  15. Grant says:

    What determens a small to large business as a rule?

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      It really depends from country to country. From an EU/UK/local perspective a small business would normally employ fewer than 50 people. Typical examples include: small shops, convenience stores, bakery and delicatessen, hairdressers, tradesmen, restaurants, cafes, bars, small hotels and guest houses, creative design providers, photographers, artists, craft and cottage industries, small-scale farming and small scale manufacturing, small accountancy and legal firms, online businesses, such as web design and programming, etc.

  16. Peter de la Cour says:

    What are your views on removing GST on food and essential Services?

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Peter I am generally not in favour of GST on food and other essential good and services (where it is applied). However, I believe that it would now be difficult to remove GST on such items as this would mean an unsustainable increase in GST on non essential goods and services. Also, I do not believe that if we were to remove GST from food (and other essential items) the full 5% would be saved by the consumer given the nature of our retail economy. Hope this helps and thank you for your post.

  17. David Beuzeval says:

    An excellent idea to segregate ESC.
    Why doesn’t Mark Boleat just work in London?
    An intelligent man but too many hats.

  18. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Thank you for your post. I am particularly keen to encourage schools to place more focus on skills, vocational skills, life skills, character development, good citizenship, and the passing on of our own heritage and history.

    Increasing the number of women in senior management positions is really a businesss issue as opposed to a gender or divesity issue. We need to urge businesses to adopt measures to ensure that women are better represented throughout company ranks. Businesses also need to realise that they are missing some of the best talent by overlooking women candidates.

  19. Edyta Buard says:

    I would like to know what do you intend to do to improve educational standards in Jersey and to increase the number of women in top level management. Kind regards, E. Buard

  20. Gerald Howe says:

    Need for review of competition law and give CICRA the teeth and Gov backup to challenge local outsize virtual monopolies. For instance Ferryspeed local logistics company has virtually taken over by buyouts of competitors in a very quiet way in the last few years.
    This was exhibited by the chaos when the Clipper was out of action and shops were out of stock. Price undercutting of others who wish to compete. An ombudsman adjudicator is needed ,such as the monopoly commission in Canada has. Who can make damages awards and desist notices in a very short time.

  21. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Thanks for your post Andrew – I totally agree with your comments.

  22. Andrew aird says:

    Jersey swimming clubs would benefit so much from an Olympic size pool as teachers we have had to travel far and wide to use 50 meter pools to train in ,if we do get one other clubs may then want to come to jersey to train and we would be able to have loads of fantastic competitions , I’m sure in this day and age enything is possible

  23. […] with the Plemont debate the outcome of which is now well known.  You can read my speech here I was also pleased to learn that crime figures continued the downward trend which underlines […]

  24. Suzanne says:

    Removing the Constables from the States will give them more time to devote to their parishes and parishioners. At the moment they are split between parochial and island issues. Having States members handling island wide affairs and Constables parochial ones is surely the way forward. The workload for Constables of larger parishes is too much – ask Simon Crowcroft. He supports Option A. Any Constable can stand a deputy in their area if they so wish anyhow.

  25. Soothsayer says:

    Vote for Option A and we’ll soon all be living in The People’s Democratic Republic of Pitmania, which will be neither democratic nor for the people.

  26. Tess says:

    None of the above

  27. Paul Scally says:

    Has to be option C. His was meant to be a referendum on how we were governed. This is a badly disguised attempt to totally destroy the Parish system.

  28. Rob says:

    Think before you vote. Lose the Parichal system and it will cost use..

  29. Jennifer Bridge says:

    I choose A – the people can still return a full slate of Connétables if that is their democratic wish.

    A is the only option that rids the island of the centuries old bias against the town and in favour of the country.

  30. Tony Pike says:

    Change has got to happen because the States has to evolve or literally die of Voter Apathy. I have had a front seat on all of this over the past 25 years, to my mind we need Option A if we are going to go forward for the next generation. Staying as we are now as in C is simply not an option, and system B simply does not go far enough.
    I want the Constables to be concentrating their efforts on the Parish which is still think is vital for the islands community, otherwise they simply have got to much on their plate, I don’t think they can be a states member these days and run the parish to the best of their abilities.
    Let the deputies do the political work, that is what I expect them to do.

  31. Sidi says:

    Option A is the most democratic solution so that’s the one for me.

  32. Graeme Butcher says:

    If my memory serves me correctly the idea of electoral reform was to try and get more of the population out to vote, this whole process seems to have been hijacked by deputies.
    Anything other than option C will be the slow death of the parochial system and we do that at our peril.
    The most obvious thing to try first, is to move the elections to late May and have them on a Sunday,

    Try that First

    • Hugh says:

      Guernsey changed their system to districts and achieved 70 percent turnout last year, removing 22 of the 45 deputies including the Chief Minister. That is democracy! Once the electorate know their vote can make a difference they will cast it.

  33. roger benest says:

    Has to be “A” unelected Conetable, powerless ordinary members, Scrutiny with no legal advice, disproportionate voting, leading to manipulation etc.

  34. Jane says:

    There was no referendum when the States cut the Senators from 12 to 8. Now States members are saying that the work load is vast.
    Jersey has changed so much over the years and not in my opinion for the better! We have a unique government and police system don’t fix what ain’t broke. Option C is the only way to keep our Island and Parishes intact!

    • Hugh says:

      I work in the honorary system and it is at risk. I believe that the only way to secure the future of and strengthen the parish system is to adopt option A and return the Constables to the parishes in an honorary role.

  35. Gael says:

    “constables are needed if nothing else but to keep the deputies in order”.

    Well there’s democracy for you!!!

  36. Got to be A! Even C doesn’t give us our 12 Senators back, but A gives each of us as much say in who is elected as we had before they stared cutting them.

  37. Jonno says:

    I have selected B, I am not going into anymore debates as to why I think Option A is a waste of time but like I said elsewhere I think with voter apathy, we will get C in the end.

    • Hugh says:

      Problem is B is the least equal of the three options and makes the States subject to the will of the constables, effectively, with 12 constables in a House of 42 members. Worse than what we have already. A provides the solution to providing equality and fairness for everybody, with 7 people to vote for and every vote counting, and a States with no “walk-ins”.

  38. JaniceEden says:

    Democracy is the buzz word for this referendum not constables out! Vote Option A

  39. Reg Langlois says:

    Choose ‘A’ and you will be getting the constables out, leaving more room for deputies, the constables are needed if nothing else but to keep the deputies in order and fully represent their parishioners.

    Option ‘C’ no change, but it’s the only alternative to “B”

    • Hugh says:

      So you are happy to have a parliament where 11 members never received a vote and with huge discrepancies in the mandates of the others? Is that right for the future of our island and the youngsters who will inherit it? Or is that just a cop-out?

  40. gerard says:

    Somewhere nearer it’s value, which unfortunately is greater with planning permission than without. See Living Legend example.

  41. George Rabbit says:

    What are the problems with it being located there? The police station at present has obvious traffic relating to police operations – if the plot can accommodate the current and future requirements why not have it there.

    What are the actual reasons for opposing this location?

  42. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Apologies, that should read sectoral tax (2nd para’) .. Thanks again for the questions.

  43. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Thank you for your questions.

    1) Immigration – I believe immigration should be more tightly controlled. We will always need to import certain types of labour and skills but the entry criteria could be more aligned to job availability. We should apply criminal record checks to potential entrants and ensure an appropriate policy is applied. I would not advocate the granting of permission to enter the Island to a potential immigrant in possession of a serious criminal record.

    2) Jersey’s Tax Structure – This is a complex matter and I could not deal with it all in this forum. The Zero Ten solution was necessary to retain the finance industry and the EU have just approved the principle (less deemed distribution). In the medium to long term I believe Zero Ten must be refined to ensure a fairer way. For example, could a form of business sectorial tax be applied in Jersey but not to companies registered in Jersey and trading elsewhere? I believe these types of taxes are EU compliant and, if applied appropriately, may not adversely affect our finance industry.

    3) The Public Sector – I would like to see a complete re structure of our Public Sector and Civil Service but, I would not necessarily like to see a reduction in the number of States or Public Sector employees. I believe the vast majority of public sector workers are professional, dedicated and hardworking people. Any reorganisation should start at the top and work down. I believe it may be possible to reduce the numbers of Senior Civil Servants and create more meaningful and necessary jobs at the middle and lower end to improve services and still save money. This would also assist in reducing the number of people currently out of work.

    4) Why should the electorate vote for me? – I believe that here is a widespread view in the Island that the States are not performing effectively and that some politicians are motivated more by self interest than the interests of the Island as a whole and that some do not have the knowledge, experience or expertise to be able to do the job.

    I have valuable States experience and knowledge having served as a Deputy from 1999 – 2005 during which time I held many key positions. I have also developed valuable business experience and expertise, over many years, having been a partner and a director of a large, diverse and successful group of companies.

    I was born in Jersey and I have raised a family in Jersey. I understand Jersey and the people of Jersey.

    I work hard and I am reliable.

    My politics are inclusive and I enjoy working with people. I believe I have the skills and knowledge to build consensus and deliver a clear line of thought on many important and varied issues that will benefit the island and contribute to a more productive and credible States Assembly.

  44. Lilly says:

    Seeing as your latest blog posting has received zero comments perhaps you’d like to go back to the previous posting and answer the polite questions that where put to you by a genuine and hardworking member of the community keen to know your views?

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Thank you for your post, and apologies for the delay in responding – The questions asked are indeed sensible and reasonable and I will answer them in the very near future. Please bear with me for a day or two – many thanks ..

      Good Morning Mr Farnham,

      As I was out and about yesterday and noticed you and a companion putting up placards advertising yourself as a candidate for the seat of Senator.

      Four other candidates for the position of Senator have openly written on here, so may I also ask you the following questions.

      What are your views on Immigration, Jersey’s tax structure, the finance industry, are you happy with the public sector ie the administration and services supplied to the islanders, and sorry to be a pain but why should we vote for you compared to the other new candidates ?



    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Have posted reply (above)

  45. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Hi, thanks for the post – I will log in to Planet Jersey and respond as soon as I can.

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Thank you for your post earlier today. I have taken a look at the Planet Jersey site and, due to the high level of generally unpleasant comments, have decided not to participate in that particular forum. I will of course be pleased to answer questions via my own website or by direct email.

  46. Lilly says:

    Dear Mr. Farnham,

    The following comment was left on the political disscussion forum Planet Jersey.

    Good Morning Mr Farnham,

    As I was out and about yesterday and noticed you and a companion putting up placards advertising yourself as a candidate for the seat of Senator.

    Four other candidates for the position of Senator have openly written on here, so may I also ask you the following questions.

    What are your views on Immigration, Jersey’s tax structure, the finance industry, are you happy with the public sector ie the administration and services supplied to the islanders, and sorry to be a pain but why should we vote for you compared to the other new candidates ?



    Please would you be kind enough to respond by signing up as a member of the forum.

  47. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Taken from my manifesto; I aim to ensure that the States renews its commitment to Tourism paving the way for an increase in the allocation of resources and the further establishment of policies leading to the encouragement and growth of the sector.

  48. Dan Williams says:

    With the slating Jersey Live has had recently it’s so nice to see a potential senator support this event and highlight the positive’s which events such as Jersey Live bring to the island. I think events such as Jersey Live need way more political support than they currently get…

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      Thank you Dan for your post .. I do hope that Jersey Live get the support they need, both politically and from the community to be able to continue for the foreseeable future.

  49. Democratus says:

    Any undate on the youth hustings? Are any other candidates pushing for this too? Who are the democrats, and who are the stick in the muds?

    • Lyndon-Farnham says:

      All the candidates seemed happy to support the idea. It was agreed to contact the education department to ask their assistance/advice re a suitable date, time and venue which we hope will facilitate a good turn out of young people – thanks for your post.

  50. alastair g says:

    What a weekend …. I had not been back to jersey in 13 years ..met some very old friends ..danced my feet off to Lots of good music..especially madness ..and drunk Lots of st helier cider …hic ..wobble ..stagger….good to meet you Mr farnham u legend

  51. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Thanks George – we need to find a good venue for this, any suggestions anyone?

  52. George says:

    Good idea I hope there is a decent turnout. Best of luck with the elections.