A Youth hustings for the Young?

On September 1, 2011, in Voting, by Lyndon-Farnham

As I have been preparing my election campaign I have taken the opportunity to speak with many people, from all walks of society, about a number of different issues likely to be of significance especially between now and election day on 19th October.  One group in particular I have discovered to be more distanced from […]

Hands off the Farm shops – JEP 27th August 2011

On August 30, 2011, in The Economy, by Lyndon-Farnham

BUREAUCRATS should not be interfering in how commercial entities are run, according to the author of an official review into the Island’s farm shops.  Bruce Willing is recommending that oversight for farm shops be transferred from the Environment department to Economic Development.  The former Army brigadier, who conducted the review free of charge on behalf […]

How important is Tourism to Jersey?

On August 30, 2011, in Tourism, by Lyndon-Farnham

Recent figures indicate that Tourism is holding up well this year which, given the global economic situation, proves just how vital this industry is to our Island and its economy.  How do you feel about Tourism and do you think the States should increase funding to assist growth in this important sector of our economy?

Feel a part of things

On August 10, 2011, in Society, by gerfar

I wrote to the JEP a while ago about how in these difficult times with things generally being tougher for everyone I noticed that at Christmas, there was actually a more spiritual, rather than commercial feeling in the air. Having less money to throw around makes us think more carefully about what we do with […]