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On December 29, 2011, in Population, by Lyndon-Farnham
JERSEY’S population now stands at 97,857. Following months of speculation, it was this morning confirmed that the number of people living in Jersey has increased by ten per cent or 9,100 since the last Census was carried out in 2001 (JEP 8th December 2011).  Approximately 6,800 of this figure has been attributed to net migration (into the Island) the rest is down to natural growth (excess of births over deaths).
Interestingly, taken in 20 year cycles, the increase is the lowest since 1951.  From 1951 – 1971 the poulation increased by 14,085 (25.49%). 1971 – 1991 saw an increase of 14,753 (21.28%) and 1991 – 2011 the poulation increased by 13,775 (16.38%).  Nevertheless, the Island can not sustain such levels of growth in the future and new policy must be put in place to address the situation.  In the coming weeks more statistics from the 2011 census will be released giving a clearer picture of the charecteristics of the current population.  This information will be vital in assisting to formulate any new policy – LF.

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