On a seasonally adjusted  basis, the total number of people registered as actively seeking work (ASW) was:

  • 10 lower than the end of the previous quarter
  • 450 lower than the end of the corresponding quarter in 2016 (Q3 2016)
  • the non-seasonally adjusted ASW total was 980; this total is 20 lower than the end of the previous quarter, 450 lower than a year earlier and the lowest recorded in 8 years 
  • the total number of long-term ASW (registered for more than twelve months) was 270; this total is 10 lower than the previous quarter and 20 lower than a year earlier
  • there were 310 individuals registered as ASW but engaged in some form of paid employment and classified as underemployed; this includes 120 individuals also classified as long-term ASW

Read the full report here: Jersey Actively Seeking Work figures Q3 2017

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