Plemont – 18th November 2012

On November 18, 2012, in The Environment, by Lyndon-Farnham

The decision to approve the submitted plans for the Plemont Headland came as no surprise to me. I would very much like to see the Headland purchased by the States and retained for future generations but level heads must prevail. I am lead to believe the current value (with planning permission) to be in the region of £8 million but believe that the owners would now accept £14 million for the site and if this is this were proved to be the correct commercial value, then it is what should be paid. I would rather follow this option than seek a potentially litigious and costly compulsory purchase. However, I do not think that, given the current economic climate, it would be acceptable to the majority of islanders for the States to pay such a price. I would therefore seek to establish whether it would be possible/feasible for the National Trust to pay more towards the purchase. For example, I would be inclined to support a £4 million contribution from the National Trust matched by a £4 million sum from the States. The balance of £6 million could be loaned to the National Trust by the States, on favourable terms over a long period of say 40 years – just a thought but worthy of consideration as we may only get one chance to prevent any new development on the Plemont headland.

Proposition lodged for the creation of a Justice Minister and associated Department – 13th November 2012

Full details of the proposition and accompanying report can be downloaded as a PDF from the States Website here

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