And so the 2015 Nat West Island games draw to a close with a vibrant closing ceremony where thousands of new friends partied together and said au revoir until we all reconvene on the special island of Gotland in 2017.  Congratulations of the highest order have to go to everybody, yes everybody on Jersey because the whole island embraced the week and won the hearts of our visitors and in doing so created thousand of new ambassadors for our island.  Of course special thanks must go to the IG organisers – thanks guys, you absolutely nailed it!  

The success of the games is important on many levels not least because they have provided unequivocal evidence, if any was needed, that Sport and event led tourism is a powerful and necessary tools in the drive to boost our economy and improve our quality of life.  The games are also important because the experience of the last week should give us the confidence to do more.  Jersey has just staged an international sports event of the highest quality, delivered on time, to schedule and with outstanding results.  I would like to ensure that we build on this and use our new found confidence with the experience gained to ensure the legacy of the 2015 Nat West Island Games is the catalyst for turning Jersey into a Sports and Events Island with a worldwide reputation of excellence. 

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