The Jersey International Air Display.

The Economic Development Department (EDD) provides the air display grant of 90k to the Ports of Jersey (POJ) who organise the event in partnership with Jersey International Air Display Limited (JIAD).

Full and detailed accounts of the JIAD are published annually.

I agreed to utilise Tourism Development fund (TDF) funds to underwrite the POJ TDF grant application for up to a maximum of £189,500 to support the air display.

The application could not go to the TDF as it fell between their bidding rounds which are held in the Spring and the Autumn.

Given the application was time critical I requested EDD officers to consider the matter and make a recommendation to me. The recommendation was to agree to the application, which I did with the safeguard that POJ will make every effort to minimise the requirement from the total made available from the TDF.

Failure to act would have severely compromised the future of the Air Display.

Following a very successful air display the POJ estimate that approximately 60k will be called upon which, together with the 90k grant, will mean that the total public funding for the 2015 air display will be in the region of £150k.  The JEP reported this on 16th september 2015:

JEP Report – Air Display Costs £150k

Any funding is of course subject to the POJ providing full and detailed evidence of such expenditure and accordingly full and detailed accounts for the 2015 air display will be produced and published by the end of Q1 2016.

Details are duly recorded in the relevant Ministerial Decision MD-E-2015-0067 made on the 14th August 2015 together with a full report:

Ministerial Decision MD-E-2015-0067 Air Display

National Trust for Jersey

Whilst I am a very big supporter of the National Trust for Jersey and the vital and very important work they do, I felt it necessary on this occasion to reject a recommendation from the TDF to fund the National Trust for Jersey renovations of buildings in Pitt Street, St Helier for up to £300,000.00.  Again, details are duly recorded in the relevant Ministerial Decision MD-E-2015-0069 made on the 14th August 2015 together with a full report:

Ministerial Decision MD-E-2015-0069 National Trust for Jersey

The Jersey Literary Festival 2015

Finally, I partially upheld an appeal and approved the award of a grant, subject to contract and conditions, from the Tourism Development Fund of £39,936 to the Jersey Literary Festival Association to assist with the funding of off-Island marketing for the Jersey Festival of Words. Details and a full report are duly recorded in Ministerial Decision MD-E-2015-0068 made on 14th August 2015:

Ministerial Decision MD-E-2015-0068 Jersey Literary Festival

Whilst I regret the decision of TDF Chairman, Peter Funk and other TDF board members to resign, I find that the reasons stated publicly that my decisions were a ‘complete surprise’ are somewhat disingenuous. Officers of EDD and I met with Peter Funk, on at least two occasions, to outline the actions I proposed to take prior to me writing to him and the other members of the TDF to confirm the decisions.

Nevertheless, I would like to place on record my sincere thanks to Peter and all members of the TDF for their contribution since being appointed to the board.

It is my intention to appoint a new Chairman and replace the board members that have or intend to resign as soon as possible so the TDF can continue with the important work with which it is tasked.

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One Response to The facts relating to the Tourism Development Fund and The Jersey International Air Display

  1. Paul says:

    Lyndon you’re totally correct not to jepodize the Air Display and give them the funding under the control of jersey ports .while I think the Air Display is a amazing event I know think it’s time it’s run by professionals like jersey ports using the volunteers who have made it work for many years .this could become so much bigger with people working on it full time .i must say I’m disappointed that the TDF committee needed to put all this in the public domain without consultation with you or if still unhappy the chief minister .people are to quick to say the negatives to the press not the positive s

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