Tourism – some facts and figures

On September 28, 2014, in The Economy, Tourism, by Lyndon-Farnham

Tourism creates many benefits to our island home; in fact we all benefit from tourism and can all do our part to promote it.

*In 2013, there were 681,900 visitors to Jersey. 326,000 stayed overnight, 113,00 were business visitors, 101,000 were day-trippers, 100,000 were visiting friends & family, plus there were almost 42,000 additional visitors, such as yachtsmen and conference delegates. 60% of visitors arrive from the UK.

On average staying visitors spend £500 and daytrip visitors spend £50. In total, visitors contributed £228 million to the economy – that’s the equivalent of 900 households. £11.5 million in GST was paid  by visitors in 2013, 15% of all GST paid. 6,500 of all jobs in Jersey are created by tourism, that’s 13%.

With tourism, Jersey is served by 31 regional airports and a high speed ferry service to the UK and France. Without tourism, Jersey would have fewer flights, fewer boats & higher costs.

By supporting tourism, you’re helping 42 guest houses, 67 hotels, 26 self-catering providers, 4 campsites, 2 hostels, 4 coach companies, 50 buses, 6 double buses, 310 taxis, 130 restaurants and 76 pubs. In turn, these tourist based industries use the services of builders, plumbers, electricians, advertising agencies, utilities and many more.



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  1. Lyndon-Farnham says:

    Absolutely delighted that Keith Beecham will be joining Visit Jersey – Keith has a long and successful history promoting Tourism and we are all looking forwrad to welcoming him to the island in the New Year.

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