Manifesto 2022

On June 3, 2022, in Voting, by Lyndon-Farnham

My key focus during the pandemic was on protecting our health, the economy and preserving islanders’ jobs and livelihoods.

My key priorities for the next term of office include;   

  • tackling the sharp rises in the cost of living
  • resolving the housing affordability crisis 
  • rebuilding and further developing our economy
  • increased funding for education
  • getting the hospital built
  • bringing back the senators





Manifest 2022 – Working to secure our future: 


Since being appointed Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture and Deputy Chief Minister in 2018, I have worked  on behalf of all islanders during one of the most challenging periods in recent history, to ensure Jersey remains resilient, safe and fiscally secure. 

My key focus during the pandemic has been on protecting our health, our economy and preserving islanders’ jobs and livelihoods. 

We will all face significant challenges during the next term of office and it is therefore important for islanders to elect a States Assembly that is both representative of our community and which contains the skills and experience necessary to deal with the challenges ahead.

The new States Assembly will require a combination of fresh thinking together with highly experienced people with a strong record of tackling serious and difficult challenges. 

In my role as a minister, I have represented the island overseas at the highest political levels, defending and promoting our interests, and strengthening our relationships with other countries and jurisdictions. 

Whilst I believe the removal of the island-wide mandate was an error of judgement by the current Assembly, I am very much looking forward to representing St Mary, St Peter and my home parish of St Ouen, if elected.

My aim is to be the best possible representative and to continue to serve our community, uphold our Parish system and island identity working to secure Jersey’s continued success and wellbeing. 

I would like islanders to feel valued, to feel positive about their island and themselves, to have confidence about our future and our financial security.  

I look forward to meeting as many Parishioners as possible on the run up to the election:


My key priorities for the next term of office are:   


Tackling sharp rises in the cost of living; 

Whilst the majority of increases are caused by global conditions beyond our control, such as increases in bank interest rates and oil price fluctuations, we can help to reduce the impact of rising inflation by:

  • Keeping indirect taxes and impôts duty as low as possible and by reducing them if necessary during particularly high inflation periods;
  • minimising prices and fees charged by the Government and other States owned entities, including social housing providers and fee-paying schools;
  • improving economic productivity;
  • driving competition across the economy to lower prices and to provide strong support to the Jersey Competition Authority and the Consumer Council.
  • The targeted provision of financial support to

Link to: Report of inflation strategy group 2020


Resolving the housing affordability crisis; 

The Bridging Island Plan, approved by the States Assembly in April, has re-zoned land for almost 4,000 new homes.  We must deliver on this.

We must provide more homes at affordable prices, help-to-buy and  flexible shared equity schemes, home deposit assistance and long-term loan provision.

We must introduce legislative changes to allow for more innovative construction methods aimed at driving down costs and improving environmental standards.  

We must also make urgent provision for good quality affordable key-worker accommodation.

Link to: Action Plan for Housing in Jersey 2021


 Rebuilding our economy

We must maintain our momentum towards improvements in productivity and ensure economic success is not measured in terms of GDP alone, but also in relation to our quality of life and wellbeing, as represented in the Better Life Index, so that we can achieve greater equity in household income distribution and improve the lives of islanders.

The Outline Economic Strategy published by my department in May 2022 sets out five key objectives for our future economy:

  1. to be a fair economy, with fair access for all islanders to educational, housing and employment opportunities;
  2. to be an international economy, globally connected that attracts diverse talent and investment;
  3. to be a skills-led economy where people are the key asset;
  4. to be resilient to economic shocks and agile to change;
  5. to be a recognised innovation hub, driven by investment in new opportunities, products and services.

We must continue to provide strong support for our key industries of Financial Services, Tourism, Agriculture and for continued advancements in digital technology.

Link to Outline Economic Strategy for Jersey


Children, Education and Skills

It is important that all our children leave school having achieved their full potential in order to give them the best possible start in life. I fully support moves by schools to place more focus on: character development, life skills, good citizenship and the teaching of Jersey’s own heritage, culture, history and politics.

Children of all ages have been particularly impacted by the pandemic and it is essential that additional funding is made available for schools to provide support programs wherever necessary to help children catch up and rebuild confidence.

I fully support the provision of new opportunities in training and education for people of all ages so that they have the flexibility to retrain or improve their skills and progress in their chosen career;


Our Hospital

Jersey’s new hospital is an essential investment in our medical infrastructure to provide the very best modern, fully flexible healthcare facilities for future generations of islanders. 

The States Assembly have agreed the location for our new hospital, the access route and the budget and method of funding.

The whole process has been guided by clinical and patient priorities.

The timeline for completion is vitally important and has been determined by our ageing health estate and the associated health risks and unsustainable cost of maintaining it past 2026.

Now that planning permission has been granted, the build can commence this year with completion scheduled for 2025 – enabling the new hospital to become fully operational by December 2026.

Link to Our Hospital Project

Link to Our Hospital Virtual Exhibition


Our Environment

Jersey has a good record of tackling its carbon impact; on-Island emissions have fallen by over a third since 1990.  

As a jurisdiction, we take our global responsibilities seriously and act in accordance with ratified international treaties on climate change.

We must further protect and value our unique natural environment through conservation, protection and sustainable resource management and energy provision.

I will continue to work towards the introduction of greater marine protected areas to create sustainable fisheries, preserve our unique marine habitat and boost our drive towards carbon neutrality.

Link to A marine park for Jersey

Link to Island Plan Marine Park Amendment


Public Sector

Strong decisive leadership is required to deliver improved management of the public sector, a smaller government structure and rigid cost controls to ensure we are delivering the best possible value for the tax payer.

The island-wide mandate

To ask the new States Assembly to introduce an island-wide mandate for all States members, with the exception of Connétables, by 2026.


Achievements in office 2018 – 2022

  • managing the impact of the pandemic and protecting our health, our economy, and preserving islanders’ jobs and livelihoods;
  • introduction of the payroll support scheme and other essential business support measures;
  • delivered Our Hospital project to full planning consent;
  • creation of a separate department for the economy;
  • creation of the Digital Jersey Academy;
  • established the anti-inflation strategy group;
  • relaxation of Sunday trading restrictions;
  • establishment of a medicinal cannabis industry;
  • new skatepark;
  • British Lions tour – Jersey training camp;
  • secured five year deal with British Airways Jersey/Heathrow Link;
  • delivered key long term strategies for: Economy, Rural Economy, Marine Economy, Tourism, Arts and Heritage.

Outline Economic Strategy for Jersey

Economic Framework for the Rural Economy

Economic Framework for the Marine Environment

An Arts Strategy for Jersey

A Heritage Strategy for Jersey


About me

Name: Lyndon John Farnham

Place of Birth: St Helier, Jersey

Age: 58

Family Status: Married to Anne-Marie with two grown up children, Alex and Philippa. One daughter-in-law, Charlie, one (future) son-in-law, Jack, and our first grandchild on the way!

Political experience

First elected to the States as Deputy of St Saviour No.2 district on 9th December 1999 and re-elected in 2002. Retired from the States in December 2005. Re-elected as Senator in 2011 and sworn to office on 14th November 2011. Re-elected as Senator 2014. Re-Elected as Senator 2018.

Current Ministerial Office; Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport & Culture.

Previous Political Experience; Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture (2014 – 2018), Assistant Minister, Home Affairs Department (2011 – 2014). Deputy, States of Jersey (St Saviour number 2 district) 1999 – 2005. During this period I held the following positions: President – Gambling Control Committee. Vice President – Economic Development Committee, Vice President – Harbours & Airport Committee, Chairman – Jersey Tourism Board, Chairman – Tourism Development Fund, Chairman – Jersey Conference Bureau, Chairman – Emerging Industries Board. I also served on a number of other Committees, Boards and Trusts.

Other Positions Held; Member:  Member – Bailiff’s Consultative Panel (current), Chair – Our Hospital Political Oversight Group (current), Chair – Anti Inflation Strategy Group (current, President – Jersey Hospitality Association (2011 – 2014), Honorary Life Member – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (current), President – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (2000-2002), Chairman – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (1997 – 2000), Committee Member – Jersey Battle of Flowers Association (1988 – 1997) 

Hobbies and Interests; running, walking (with my dog Winston) Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Reading, History, Music (drumming) and Politics. Member: Jersey Heritage Trust, National Trust Jersey.

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