The Priviliges and Procedures Committee have lodged the following proposition; P5/2012, for debate on Tuesday 6th March 2012;

THE STATES are asked to decide whether they are of opinion –

to refer to their Act dated 15th March 2011 in which they agreed that an

independent Electoral Commission should be established in Jersey to

investigate and report on all aspects of the composition of the elected

membership of the States Assembly and the election and voting processes for

 such members; and to vary that decision as necessary and –

(a) to agree that the Commission should be comprised of 3 members of

the States, one of whom shall be its Chairman, together with 3 other

persons with appropriate skills and experience who are not members

of the States, appointed by the States on the recommendation of the

Privileges and Procedures Committee following a recruitment process

overseen by the Jersey Appointments Commission;

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