Working to secure our future

Since being appointed Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture and Deputy Chief Minister in 2018, I have worked  on behalf of all islanders, during one of the most challenging periods in recent history, to ensure Jersey remains resilient, safe and fiscally secure.   My key focus during the pandemic has been on protecting our health, […]

Election of the Chief Minister

On May 25, 2018, in General, States Reform, Voting, by Lyndon-Farnham

I have released a short statement in relation to my current position. Thanks to all whom have supported me to this stage and best of luck to Senators Ian Gorst and John Le Fondré “After having spoken with States members over the last few days it is clear that the majority of support is lying with Senator Gorst […]

Economic Development Minister calls for end to collective responsibility

On December 2, 2017, in General, States Reform, The Economy, Voting, by Lyndon-Farnham

COLLECTIVE responsibility, the doctrine enshrined in the ministerial code which requires ministers to toe the official government line – is curtailing proper democratic debate and should be scrapped.   Senator Lyndon Farnham spoke out after abstaining from a crucial States vote this week on a proposal in the 2018 Budget to charge big retailers 20 per […]

The States of Jersey – A Virtual Tour

On October 29, 2017, in Society, States Reform, Voting, by Lyndon-Farnham

The States Assembly, or the States of Jersey as it is also known, is the parliament of Jersey. The States Assembly is responsible for: making new laws and regulations approving the amount of public money to be spent by the States every year approving the amount of tax to be raised holding Ministers to account […]

Thank you for voting and thank you for voting for me.

On October 18, 2014, in States Reform, Voting, by Lyndon-Farnham

THANK YOU to all who have once again placed their trust in me and to my friends, family and helpers. I could not have done it without you. Despite concerns choosing 8 Senators not only proved easy for voters but made for one of the most close fought exciting Senatorial elections. Click here to see […]

Justice Policy

On February 16, 2013, in States Reform, by Lyndon-Farnham

Update – 19th February 2012: States approve Justice proposition (P120/2012) unanimously by 49 for and no votes against. My Proposition (P120/2012) asking the Chief Minister to consider ways of introducing political accountability with appropiate ministerial oversight of the Justice System is scheduled for debate on Tuesday 19th February: P120/2012  together with supporting comments from the Council of […]

States Members Remuneration

On January 16, 2013, in States Reform, by Lyndon-Farnham

Today the States voted not to suspend the rules that prevent them from debating Members pay.  This was the correct decision as it is not appropriate for States Members to set their own levels of remuneration.  This is done by an independent body.  I have advised the States Greffe and the States payroll department that I […]

A Gap in the law – 31st October 2012

On October 31, 2012, in Society, States Reform, by Lyndon-Farnham

A gap in the law has led to a convicted killer receiving a sentence that even the court passing sentence deems to be inappropriate. The Royal Court was unable to impose a life sentence because it cannot set a minimum period before early release is considered for manslaughter. It is therefore time to identify and […]

A Sensible Solution? – 25th October 2012

On October 25, 2012, in States Reform, by Lyndon-Farnham

If Senators are put into the mix for the referendum, then I would suggest the following could be workable; Deputies in six districts (24) Constables (12) Senators (6) 42 .. Every member of the electorate would then be able to vote for eleven members (as opposed to 7 under the current proposal) and we would […]

Let the People Decide – 24th October 2012

On October 24, 2012, in States Reform, by Lyndon-Farnham

Let the people decide. This is key my aim and objective in relation to the current proposals to reform the States. The electoral Commission, in their interim report, have recommended that the public should decide in a referendum whether or not the Constables should remain in the States. A worthy question but why are they […]

Electoral Reform – 21st October 2012

On October 21, 2012, in States Reform, by Lyndon-Farnham

The Electoral Commission will be presenting their first Interim Report on Monday 22nd October 2012.   I have a feeling that the office of Senator may be under threat! Related Images:

Monday 10th September 2012

On September 10, 2012, in States Reform, by Lyndon-Farnham

 – Today I presented my case to the Electoral Commission although I have a feeling that they have already made up their minds and are just going through the motions – we shall see.  Follow the link for  Transcript of my hearing.    Related Images: