In the 12 months since taking office, in addition to business as usual across the whole portfolio, the Economic Development Department has delivered a number of projects.

In March, Visit Jersey opened for business and assumed responsibility for marketing the Island and has since delivered the first Tourism Strategy for over ten years.

In July the Financial Services Ombudsman was created, adding significantly to consumer protection in the Island.

In October, the process of incorporating the Harbours and Airport was completed and the Ports of Jersey Ltd was created.

In early November, the first aircraft was registered on the newly launched Jersey Aircraft Registry.

In addition, plans are being finalised to create Events Jersey, Film Jersey and Farm Jersey, all aimed at facilitating growth and development across their respective sectors.

My department has also managed to reduce its budget by over a million pounds for 2016 while at the same time increasing the amounts set aside for our traditional industries, tourism and agriculture.

As we enter the second year of this administration I look forward to welcoming Sport and Culture into the fold and, together with Assistant Ministers Deputy Norton, Constable Pallet and the Economic Development team, working to ensure that all sectors of our economy are supported to increase their productivity and contribution to the Jersey economy.

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  1. David Beuzeval says:

    Well done.

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