Jersey’s Fiscal Policy Panel has produced its tenth annual report.  

The Fiscal Policy Panel (FPP) was established to provide Jersey’s Treasury and Resources Minister and States members with independent economic advice on matters relating to tax and spending policy, and the use of the Stabilisation Fund.

The current members of the Panel are Dame Kate Barker (Chair) and Tera Allas, who were appointed in 2014, and Professor Francis Breedon, who was appointed in 2016. The Panel was placed on a statutory basis in 2014 and is required by the Public Finances Law to comment on Jersey’s fiscal policy with reference to:
(a) the strength of the economy in Jersey;
(b) the outlook for the Jersey and world economies and financial markets;
(c) the economic cycle in Jersey;
(d) the medium and long-term sustainability of the States’ finances
(e) transfers to/from the Strategic Reserve and Stabilisation Fund.

The full report can be read here: Jersey’s Fiscal Policy Panel Annual Report 2017    



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